Super Piper Cub J3-65 N717PC

Welcome to the home of our fabulous Piper Cub Aircraft. Here you can follow the restoration project that happened not once but twice throughout its 65 year history. Recently imported from South Africa and lovingly restored by the owners, this website has been created for those passionate about the Piper Cub. 

The History

Our Super Piper Cub was completed as a yellow J3-65 on the 11th of July 1946 in Lockhaven by Piper Aircraft Corporation. It was a factory export and initially had no N number. The serial number is 18584. It was then exported to South Africa by the Piper company where is was registered in 1947.
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The Specification

This Piper Cub was built on 11 July 1946 in Lock Haven and was sold with a "Export" C of A. Clyde Smith, the Cub Doctor sent me the information about the production date.
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About the Super Piper Cub

In 2012, the year of the 75th anniversary of the Piper Cub, this poorly cub was taken to Mr Guy Appelback of Scanrho Aviation at Eastwinch Airfield near Kings Lynn and Marham. It was in bits and pieces. Restoration had begun!!
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We are very fortunate that an extensive catalogue of images have been made throughout two rebuilds of this fabulous aircraft.
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Lilac Rose (Circa. 1972)!

"I'm hoping someone will recognise these guys (a 70's Pop/Rock Band) stood round my Piper Cub as a glossy magazine article (FOTO-RAPPORT) which was published in November 1972. If they would like to contact me I'd love to have any information they may be able to provide!"

Lukas Van Vuuren

Lilac Rose Rock Band