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The Cub is now all ready. A superb job done by Guy Appelback and his staff at

Scanrho Aviation on East Winch Airfield.


It was a beautifull daywhen I had the opportunity to fly the Cub back to North

Yorkshire. The flight was very pleasant and everything worked fine. Landing at Bagby, Ingrid was there to welcome me and the Cub.


My first outing was to Breighton. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies all round.

The atmosphere was very festive with music playing out load on the speakers. Every one 

was pushing out aircraft and flying after a long winter. Victorian sponge cake and tea rounded off the activities.

My next flight to Breighton was a different experience. When I set off at Felixkirk Airfield

It was a light wind. On my way I experienced turbulence just east of Rufforth. I then went into still air of wave. I was at 2000ft and after I changed the radio frequency and looked back to the altimeter I was at 3000ft. At Breighton the wind was straight down the runway and I had a very short landing run. I left the Cub there overnight and fetched it back the next day. I was very grateful to the club members that was very helpful and kind to put it in the hanger out of harm’s way.